10 Great Clay Pot Candle Holder Projects To Make

10 Clay Pot Candle Holder Projects to Make

Why Not Make Your Own Clay Pot Candle Holder?

A clay pot candle holder is no longer just about holding a candle. For some, it would be considered a serious decorative piece.

A simple clay pot candle holder
can make a major difference to the ambiance of your room.

A simple clay pot candle holder can be used to frame an elaborate or ornate candle, whereas a more decorative candle holder can make a simple pound store candle look amazing.

In fact, the entire look and feel of your room or your garden can be changed completely or enhanced with the right candle holder.

Candle Holders and Interior Design

There are many ways in which you can change the look of your area with candle holders, here are but a few.

  • A simple candle holder with a plain white candle creates a minimalist feel, calming and serene.
  • Use medium to large candle holders in bolder colors or more ornate designs to create an amazing statement piece.
  • Really bold colors and designs make for a vibrant space.
  • You can make pieces that celebrate special occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Halloween or national holidays as in the 4th of July candle holder below.
  • Set a theme for a room, make it fun or chic or classy.

Make as gifts

If like me you just like making things, you can always make them and give them away gifts. They make wonderful presents.

10 Great Clay Pot Candle Holder Projects To Make

So here they are 1o different clay pot candle holder tutorials for you to have a go at making.

#1  Star Fish Clay Pot Candle Holder

Requires only one pot and one sauce, plus the detail decorations and paint of course. Simple but effective.

The candle holder is painted in blue and dressed up with rope and a starfish ornament. They have made this a real centerpiece by making a matching picture frame with image and scattering around glass beads and shells.

Star Fish Clay Pot Candle Holder
Blue and gold clay pot candle holder beach design with starfish. Tutorial from Yesterday on Tuesday

#2  4th of July Candle Holders

Three different height and shape candle holders all set to the 4th of July theme. Using different combinations of pots and saucers and painting on stars and stripes to give them that patriotic feel.

4th of July Clay Pot Candle Holder
Clay pot candle holder – you have a choice of three candle holders designed to celebrate the 4th of July holiday. Tutorial from Fave Crafts

# 3  Tea Light Candle Holder Using a Broken Clay Pot

Don’t throw away your broken clay pots, there are many ways you can reuse them. From candle holders like you see here, to fairy gardens and you can even use them in landscape gardening.

Broken Clay Pot Candle Holder Tea Light
Make use of your broken pots with this decoupaged tea light candle holder. Tutorial from Craft Ideas

#4  Halloween Candle Display

When it comes to celebrating your clay pot candle holders can get really interesting. You can find tutorials for all types of celebrations, birthdays, Halloween, Christmas and many more.

Halloween Clay Pot Candle Holder
Spider Web, Pumpkin and Ghost. Three cute Halloween candle holders made from clay pots. Tutorial at Crafty Soccer Mum

#5  Clay Pot Lighthouse

Clay pot lighthouses can be made for indoors or out. They can be simple like this one or massively fancy. You can make tiny ones to fit on your side indoors, or build them huge and make a real feature point for your garden.

Lighthouse Clay Pot Candle Holder Tea Light
Perfect for both the garden and indoors this lovely little tea light holder in the form of a lighthouse. Tutorial from Thrifty Fun

#6 Elegant and Classy Clay Pot Candle Holder

This clay pot candle holder is both elegant and classy. Combined with a citronella candle you can add function as well.

Ornamental Outdoor Clay Pot Candle Holder
Add elegance to any outdoor space with this ornate candle holder and matching plant pot. Tutorial from Uncommon Designs

#7  Easy Out Door Candle Holder

This quick and easy outdoor planter come candle holder would look lovely set into any border.

Quick Easy Outdoor Clay Pot Candle Holder
This beautiful outdoor candle holder would look lovely in any raised border or even as a centerpiece for your garden table. Tutorial from Garden Therapy

#8  Rustic Outdoor Candle and Planter

An attractive outdoor display which comes complete with a cover to help stop your candle from blowing out.

Rustic Clay Pot Candle Holder and flowers
Go for a more rustic look with this clay pot candle holder. Created on two levels with the center pot raised and an old tall glass to help the candle from blowing out. Tutorial over at Hometalk

#9   Sea Shells and Starfish

Well, that says it all really. This simple project would make a lovely table centerpiece.

Sea Shell and Starfish Clay Pot Candle Holder
Blue clay pots and mostly white seashells, a starfish ornament and some white rope are all you need to make this lovely clay pot candle holder. Tutorial over at Hometalk

#10  Stacked Clay Pot Saucers

By simply stacking and gluing saucers you can add as much or as little height as you wish to your clay pot candle holder.

Stacked Saucers Clay Pot Candle Holder
This rather elegant looking candle holder is made from clay pigeons. Although personally, I would use clay pot saucers. You can easily make a centerpiece of several candle holders but just varying the height you build them. Tutorial over at Southern Chic Love

So there you have it, clay pot candle holders are amazing, versatile and so much fun.


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