Do Clay Pot Heaters Really Work – Includes Tutorials

Clay Pot Heaters - Clay Pot Crafts

Clay Pot Heaters

Do They Really Work and How Do You Make One?

After doing some research I have realized that there is a lot of debate around the subject of whether or not clay pot heaters actually work as well as people say. Some say they are amazing, you can warm your home very cheaply with one of these. Whilst others seriously argue this point.

Well I know for a fact that they do chuck out a fair bit of heat, I think you would probably need a few to properly heat a large room.

Of course, there is also going to variations in the heat depending on the style of clay pot heaters you choose. There are lots of designs for clay pot heaters, some use a single clay pot as the top, others I have seen up to four inserted inside each other. The multiple pot styles all use a steel rod and varying amounts of bolts. These apparently help with increasing the heat given from the heater.

So, on to question two.

How Do I Make One

Well, as I have already stated, there are various ways of making clay pot heaters, starting from the very basic style of using a tray for the candles and balancing a pot on top (not the safest way of doing things) and probably not the most heat efficient. Here’s an example.

Basic Single Pot, Clay Pot Heaters

This is one of the most basic heaters I have seen, although I have seen them resting on a tin foil tray.

Examples of a Two Pot Heater

Again, not particularly pretty or safe, but hey if it floats your boat they have a good clear tutorial.

This one is much nicer looking, but still a bit of a balancing act. Not ideal for people with children, cats or dogs.

So let’s move on to the ones with three pots. And how they are constructed as most of them seem to be basically the same. Occasionally you will find one out there with more four pots.

Cross Section of a Three Pot Heater

From this image, you can see the basic construction of how they put it all together. People who use this method say that the combination of the three pots, the metal bolts and washers and the spaces for air flow between the pots. This is what creates the extra heat required.

Don’t worry about trying to count the bolts, there will be plenty of tutorials on this page to tell you exactly how many and what sized pots to use.

Video Tutorial – How To Make Clay Pot Heaters

Just to make it even easier for you, here is an excellent video tutorial from youtube of one of my favorite designs. It is well made. Probably one of the safest ones, beaten only by the ones hanging from a wall bracket.

So if you are still reading and are interested in making one for yourself. I have gathered a collection of examples and tutorials for you.

More Clay Pot Heaters For You To Make

So, There you have it. Clay Pot Heaters. The debate is still underway. Just how well do they really heat your room. If you have tried one feel free to share your results in the comments. I would love to hear from you.

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4 thoughts on “Do Clay Pot Heaters Really Work – Includes Tutorials”

  1. These things are a JOKE! You could possibly heat a closet but not a room.
    I went to Home Depot and bought 6 clay pots, followed the directions and used several candles with hardly any recognizable change. It would warm your hands quite well but I have gloves.
    It was the big waste of time. The only thing I have to show for it is a few extra candles and a couple of smoked up pots that I couldn’t return because the smoke wouldn’t come off.
    If you really need some heat if your power is down, fix a small vent stack and make a small Rocket Heater. You can actually use a candle with a rocket heater and get five times more heat from it than you can a candle and a clay pot.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment, I guess you have answered the question I asked in the title. If anyone else agrees or disagrees, I would be interested to hear your opinions.

      1. I knew couple who used a big tericota pot in their camp trailer for heat at night,they put it on the stove and turned the burner down very low they said it was very efficient and warm.

  2. We lost electric due to a storm for 16 hours. I put one of these pot heaters together and used it in our living room. In 16 hours we only lost 11 degrees. Also had a couple oil lamps burning that probably threw some heat. But I think the heater worked well. Could feel the heat radiating off of it.

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