Solar Garden Lights Using Clay Pots

Solar Garden Lights - Clay Pot Crafts

Light Up Your Clay Pots With Solar Garden Lights 

Solar garden lights are an easy, low cost, low maintenance way of adding that much-needed light to your garden or walkways when the Sun goes down…

Benefits of Using Solar Lighting In The Garden

With the help of Solar Garden Lights, you can now make clay pot projects that truly stand out in the dark…..

There are lots of reason why you would use solar lights in your garden. The main four are:

  1. They Are Easy To Install – Solar lights are easy to install, no worrying about power cables. So they are much safer when you have children or pets.
  2. Cheap To Buy – Solar lights can be bought from any garden center, cheap shop outlet or even supermarkets these days. They are very reasonably priced. If you prefer to buy online you can go to Amazon or eBay to name just two.
  3. Cost Effective – Once purchased solar lights cost nothing to run. 
  4. Choice Of Styles – There is an almost unending supply of different styles and designs for you to choose from. Here are just a few from Amazon.

Solar Garden Lights On Amazon

Solar Lighting Clay Pot Projects

So, now that you have seen some of the choices you have when buying solar lights, how about looking at some great ways to turn them into totally unique garden projects to truly wow your guests.

Basic Tips Before You Begin

  1. Check the size of the hole in the pot, you may need to make it a little bigger.
  2. Always properly clean and prepare you pot before you begin.

Style 1 – Easy Clay Pot Solar Garden Lights

These first six pots were all found on Pinterest, unfortunately, no tutorials. However, as you can see these are extremely basic to make. All you need is a solar light with a stem. Once you have painted your pot in your desired design you simply insert the solar light. It is entirely up to you whether or not you glue it in place.

As you can see in this first image they have created a 3D effect on pot the by adding embellishments to create an image. You can add just about any embellishments you wish to decorate your pots as long as you seal it properly before putting it outside.

This lovely ladybug on the left appears to be hand painted, the tribal pot could easily have been stenciled and the flower on the right could be added with decoupage. So you don’t have to be a fantastic artist to create these lovely pots.

Both of these two have additional dots to add a little more color to the designs. Also very easy to achieve.

Style 2 – Using Cement

All of this section use the help of quick-drying cement to hold the lights in place. You can find a tutorial for this over at Life On Lakeshore Drive

You can see here that you can totally change the look just by using different lights, taller poles or adding pebbles or glass marbles.

I love the look of these two. Firstly the frilly edge bulb where they have clumped three together and then the ornate glass solar light and decorated the top of the pot with more glass.

How About These

Why not make yourself a clay pot lighthouse or a nice stacking pot display for outside your front door. Otherwise, you could always just use a strawberry pot for yet another unique way of doing it.

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