Clay Pot Wind Chimes – Terracotta Pot Crafts

Clay Pot Wind Chimes - Clay Pot Crafts

Clay Pot Wind Chimes

Today I am going to be sharing a wonderful collection of clay pot wind chimes. All of which have tutorials for you to follow.

Personally, I am a great believer that wind chimes are one of the key essential things that should be present in and around the home. I feel that a set of wind chimes hanging outside my window when I sleep or by the side of the pool simply completes the area. Their charming designs set the scene of an area and their relaxing clinks or clonks create a calming and relaxed feel.

Followers of Feng Shui believe that the presence of windchimes brings good luck, enhancing and raising the vibrations around it and boosting good energy for you. Whether or not this is, in fact, correct, I have no idea. But I for one shall not tempt fate and I will hang my windchimes in a visible, audible area in an attempt to activate my good Chi. At the very least my wind chimes will enhance the ambiance of my room.

What Are Wind Chimes Made From

Wind chimes can be made from many materials from metal to wood, to seashells, each with their own individual sounds. But for today at least I shall only be talking about tutorials for clay pot wind chimes, after all, clay pots are the purpose of my site.

Clay Pot Wind Chimes Projects

You can create your clay pot wind chimes in a myriad of colors, shapes sizes, and designs. You can have seasonal wind chimes, wind chimes for special occasions, styles to set themes or styles to blend with nature to mention just a few. So with that in mind lets get to the tutorials.

#1  Red and White Spiral Wind Chimes

Red and White Spiral Clay Pot Wind Chimes - Clay Pot Crafts To Make
Have a go at making these lovely red and white spiral wind chimes. Easy to Make and Lovely to look at. Tutorial here

#2  Colourful Clay Pot Wind Chimes

Colorful Clay Pot Wind Chimes - Clay Pot Crafts
You could make these colorful clay pot wind chimes from Crafts Direct with just four different sized pots, some beads, string and acrylic paint.

#3  Dragonflies, Butterflies, Bumblebees and Ladybugs

Dragonflies and Butterflies Clay Pot Wind Chimes - Clay Pot Crafts
Dragonflies, butterflies, bumblebees, and ladybugs are the theme for this unique and lovely set of clay pot wind chimes. Tutorial from DecoArt

#4  Delicate Flowers on a Stripy Background

Flowery Clay Pot Wind Chimes - Clay Pot Crafts
Here you can see the theme of stripes in a lovely pastel green, light grey, and white. Overlayed with hand painted flowers. It is a Summer delight. Tutorial by DIY Enthusiasts

#5  Garden Bells Clay Pot Wind Chimes

Garden Bells Clay Pot Wind Chimes - Clay Pot Crafts
These handmade Terracotta Clay Pot Wind Chimes are made in bright and beautiful colors. An excellent example of the fact that you can use just about anything to decorate your pots. Even a sharpie. Tutorial from Butterfly Jungle

#6  Simple and Elegant

Hand Painted Clay Pot Wind Chimes - Clay Pot Crafts
This little tutorial from Crafters Love Crafts is simple, basic and easy to do. Hand-painted wind chimes.

#7  Under Water World

Jellyfish Clay Pot Wind Chimes - Clay Pot Crafts
Moving into the world of under the sea, this lovely Jelly Fish Clay Pot Wind Chimes is a fun project to make with the kids, you could even use it a playroom ornament. Tutorial by The Keeper of the Cheerios

#8  Ladybug, Ladybug Fly Away Home

For more Ladybug tutorials click here.

Lady Bug Clay Pot Wind Chimes - Clay Pot Crafts
Another one for the kids. A lovely little red and white ladybug. You could make several of these and hang them all around the garden. Would be a perfect use for your spare tiny pots. Tutorial from DLTK’s

#9  Leaf Printing Images

Leaf Print Clay Pot Wind Chimes Clay Pot Crafts
Decorate you pots using leaves from the garden, or anything that would create a textured print pattern. Then join them all together to make this lovely wind chimes set. Tutorial by Lets Explore

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