Decorative Sea Shell Flower Pots – Terracotta Pot Projects

Decorative Sea Shell Flower Pots - Terracotta Pot Projects - Clay Pot Crafts

Decorative Sea Shell Flower Pots

I simply love these sea shell flower pots, they take me on a trip down memory lane. Sunny days and Summer fun. Family days out at the beach. Large gatherings of aunties and cousins, all playing and having fun.

At times we would sit for hours just searching and gathering, seeing who could find the most or the prettiest sea shells, pebbles and anything else we found adorable.

Then we would store all our finds ready for the rainy days.

On the rainy days, we would sit indoors with our mum and make things. My mum is definitely where I get my love of crafting from. There was always something she could find for us to make art from.

We would inevitably glue sea shells onto something.  Decorating picture frames, little wooden boxes, homemade cards for the smallest ones and of course we made sea shell flower pots. Pebbles would, of course, be painted. Then we would hide them all around the garden and home, where they would stay just waiting to be rediscovered.

Such fun and great memories.

So today I have gathered for you 10 great tutorials for you to have a go at.

10 Sea Shell Flower Pots

Amazing tutorials for you to try your hand at. Just remember to properly prepare your pots first.

#1  Accent Your Bathroom

This pretty little pot would make an excellent addition to any bathroom. Just make in the colors to suit your style.

Sea Shell Flower Pots - Pretty Bathroom Accent - Clay Pot Crafts
Plant pots are not just for the garden flowers. You can make this pretty sea shell pot to accent your bathroom. Tutorial by Better Homes & Garden

#2  Glue Guns and Sea Shells Make Excellent Planters

Sea Shell Flower Pots - Add Shells Using Glue Gun - Clay Pot Crafts
You can make this easy little project is using sea shells and a glue gun. Just be Sure to seal it properly if you are leaving it outside. Tutorial by Martha Stewart

#3  Sea Shells and Tile Grout

Sea Shell Flower Pots - Decorative Pot Using Sea Shells - Clay Pot Crafts
Make decorative sea shell flower pots in any size. I think this one would look great using a great big pot using nice large shells. Tutorial by HomeTalk

#4  Rustic Sea Shell Flower Pots

Sea Shell Flower Pots - Rustic Shell Planter - Clay Pot Crafts
This rather lovely rustic looking sea shell pot by my uncommon slice of suburbia is decorated only around the rim. Leaving the base with a whitewashed look. A very stunning effect.

#5  Sea Shell Succulent Planter

Sea Shell Flower Pots - Sea Shell Succulent Planter - Clay Pot Crafts
Over at Billabong, as you can see they have used all the same type of shells in this beautiful succulent planter. An easy to fun project to make yourself.

#6  Textured Scallop Shell Planter

Sea Shell Flower Pots - Scallop Shell Clay Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
Make this simplistic style planter by Serial DIYer. It has been made using scallop shells and textured spray paint to ornate the rim of the pot.

#7  Mostly Shades of White

Sea Shell Flower Pots - Shell Coated Terracotta Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
In this tutorial by Home Talk, they tell you to use Gorilla glue to attach the shells. Then fill in the gaps with Alabaster grout. They have gone for shells that are mostly white in shade.

#8  Copper Coloured Glitzy Sea Shell Pot

Sea Shell Flower Pots - Spray Painted Shell Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
You could glitz it up a bit, by spray painting your sea shell flower pots with a metallic paint. Just like they have at Things Created By Me.

#9  Shell Encrusted Flower Pot

Sea Shell Flower Pots - Shell Encrusted Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
Besides decorating the rim, you can add a feature piece on the main body instead of encasing the entire pot. As you can see in this tutorial from Opulent Cottage. Where they show how you can make a beautiful sea shell pot.

#10  Collection of Sea Shell Pots

Sea Shell Flower Pots - Sea Shell Pot Projects - Clay Pot Crafts
And last but not least over at Martha Stewart you can see a selection of pots placed lovingly on shelves. You can make a rather lovely display by combining various different designs and placing them on shelves.

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