Flower Pot Minions – Crafted From Clay Pots

Flower Pot Minions - Clay Pot Crafts

Flower Pot Minions

In a garden near me, I saw Flower Pot Minions.

There I was out walking my dogs, daydreaming along and admiring peoples gardens as I went. And then, there they were, a collection of three flower pot minions. Well, I stopped dead in my tracks, poor dogs wondered what on earth was going on. I was so mesmerized by them that I decided I have to have one.

So, when I got home I began to research on Pinterest, and this is what I came up with. I have got to say it won’t be long before I have a collection of my own.

The great thing about these is you can make them in lots of different ways. Firstly you can make simple plant pots to sit on your windowsill by just painting your image on a bulk standard pots. As below.

Minion Painted Plant Pots

The first image is from HomeTalk and has an excellent tutorial for you to try your hand at.

When you have had a good read of the above tutorial here are some more ideas for you to try from images that I found on Pinterest.

Minion Flower Pot People

If you are feeling a little more adventurous you can try some of these.

I love these little flower pot Minions. Unfortunately, none of them came with tutorials.

Flower Pot Minions People Planters

Next up are flower pot minions people planters. Here is an excellent tutorial from Easy Simple Gardening.

I have also gathered more images of styles you can try for yourself.

Minion Candy Bowls – Gumball Machine Style

Last but not least here are some lovely flower pot minion candy bowls or gumball machines, depending on what you prefer to call them.

All of these images came from Pinterest, none came with tutorials. However, here is a great tutorial from Tammy Mitchell on how to make the candy bowl. All you need to do is change the spray paint to yellow or purple and add your favor minion design.

Well, there you have it “minions” of ideas to keep you busy for a while. So let yourself go crazy and go have some fun and minion your world.

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