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8 Practical Tutorials On How To Mosaic Clay Pots

Why would you mosaic clay pots?

  • Well for one reason it is a very good way to revamp your old pots, making them look fresh and new again.
  • Another reason is it is a fun project to do, a bit messy, but mess is fun.
  • Lastly mosaic look absolutely beautiful if it is done right, so maybe a bit of a challenge for you.

So Lets Get Straight To The Tutorials

#1 – Use Pre-Cut Tiles

For these pots, eHow are using pre-cut mini tile sheets. You can get a wide variety of these including mirror tiles if you want a reflective finish.

#2 – Flat Glass Marbles Create Mosaic Clay Pots Mushrooms

Whilst, over at Eclectic Products they are using flat glass marbles and polished pebbles to decorate these lovely clay pot mushrooms.

#3 – Use Stained Glass

From the image, I would never have guessed that they had used pieces of stained glass for this project over at Mosaic Tile Arts.

#4 – Glass Tiles, Beads and Shells

You can easily purchase the glass beads and Tiles for this project on Amazon or at any local craft store. But I have yet to find the glass seashells. If you find a place to buy them, please let me know. A lovely project from Running With Sisters.

#5 – Make Use Of Broken Crockery

Over at Cut Out And Keep they are making use of old broken crockery. An excellent idea for up-cycling.

#6 – Daisy Mosaic Clay Pots

This lovely Daisy Mosaic was created by Tracey Cartledge. She has an excellent tutorial even showing how to chip out the shapes on your broken tiles.

#7 – Ivy Leaf Mosaic

You can re-create this lovely half pot Ivy Leaf wall planter by stenciling your design on the pot first. Wonderful tutorial a Fave Crafts.

#8 – Gem Glass Mosaic Pot

What a lovely sparkly project from Gem Glass Mosaic.

More Ideas For You To Try

Now that you have been through the tutorials, here is a collection of ideas for you to try out. Hope you enjoy them.

Mosaic With Pebbles

You can add a more natural look with pebbles. Try using different sizes for a more random look, even sizes for a more symmetrical look or you can even make flower shapes and color the pebbles.

Add Images Of Animals

Why not try your hand at adding an animal in your design. The third one looks like Octopus Tentacles to me.

Buttons, Glass Beads, Old CD’s or Sea Shells

As you can see you can use Old Buttons, Glass Beads, Old CDs and even a mixture of Broken Tiles and Sea Shells.

Almost anything can be used to mosaic clay pots as long as it is thick enough to add grout. Otherwise, it becomes decoupage

Calming Colors

As you can see, Pastel colors needn’t look dull or boring. On the first pot, they have used river reeds to create an enchanting look. With the third image they have used striking straight lines and in the second image, they have used mosaic to decorate a bird bath.

OR Bright and Colorful

Here you can see the pot on the left is using a lot of different colors and a mixture of designs to create this lovely mosaic clay pot. However, in the image on the right, they have kept to green, white and grey shades creating an equally stunning effect. 

So there you have it Mosaic Clay Pots. I hope you have enjoyed this article, please feel free to comment and send me images of your clay projects.

Have Fun – Play Hard

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