20 Spilled Flower Pot Displays To Wow Your Neighbors

Spilled Flower Pots - Clay Pot Crafts

Add Your Own Spilled Flower Pot Focal Point

Why not add a playful touch to your garden with a beautiful spilled flower pot!

Spilled pots are an easy way to give the visual effect of movement and flow, without the need for water. Water features are great, but not everyone’s cup of tea.

Although some of these ideas are way too ambitious for the majority of gardens. What they do show, however, is that with the use of built-in ramps you can build the feel of dynamic motion into your amazing garden displays. And of course, you could always scale them down to fit any area at all. Including your dining room table.

With this in mind, you will see from all the wonderful examples, you are not limited in your designs. You can use any type of plants or pots, even broken ones.

So why not take some time and turn your ideas on their heads. It could very well lead you to some fun and charming spilled flower pot ideas.

Red Waterfall Spilled Flower Pot

I simply love this over the top exuberant design, although I don’t think you would get that pot from your local store.

Red Flowers Spill Dramatically - Spilled Flower Pot
This extremely large and extravagant display features bright red flowers tumbling down the hillside. Image from Bell of Peace

Silhouette Flower Person

Silhouette Figure With a Spilled Flower Pot Head - Clay Pot Crafts
Another extravagant display. This amazing example creates the silhouette of a person. Simply oozing out of a spilled flower pot. Image from HomeBNC

Tulip Tunnel

Tulip Spilled Flower Pot Tunnel - Clay Pot Crafts
And, scaling it down a bit we have this stunning tunnel style with green short hedging style growing over the top and tulips spilling out. Beautifully mixed colors. Image from Pinterest

Flowing Spilled Daisies

Sideways Spilled Flower Pot Featuring Daises - Clay Pot Crafts
Here you can see they have stayed with the idea of a simple pot with pretty white daisies spilling out to the area around. The height of the daisies will cause them to sway gently in the breeze. Image from Tumblr

Purple Petunias Spilled Flower Pot

Purple Petunias Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
Vibrant purple petunias flowing from this ornate bulbous pot. Image from Facebook

Dry Riverbed of Pale Blue Flowing Flowers

Dry Stream Bed With Floral Flowing River From a Spilled Flower Pot
Pretty pale blue flowers flowing from a spilled flower pot. Ideally placed along a dry river bed. Image from Garden Lovers Club

Vibrant Blue Clay Pot, Spilling Creeping Jenny

Blue Planter With Creeping Jenny Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
For this spilled flower pot arrangement they have used a vibrant blue planter and complimented it with Creeping Jenny and some glass balls for an extra touch. Image from Home BNC

Coral Reef Anemone Spilled Flower Pot

Corel Reef Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
Coral Reef Anemone is the picture that springs to mind. The pretty little pink flowers flowing from a half-buried strawberry pot. Image from Drought Smart Plants

Floral Waterfall

Floral Waterfall Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
How about this lovely floral waterfall, giving the impression of the flowers flowing from the pot down the river bed. Image from Pinterest

Waves of Pansies

Flowing Urn Shades of Purple Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
These purple, Lilac and white pansies are just perfect in this display. It’s almost as if they are flowing in waves from this large fallen urn. Image from Garden Lovers Club

Pale Blue Spilled Flower Pot

Greenery Tipping from a Blue Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
In this one, as you can see, anything goes really. Not quite to my taste though. I find it a bit clashy. Image from HomeBNC

Oversized Insects In A Spilled Flower Garden

Garden with Oversized Insects Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
Changing things up a little. How about this for a fun idea. Add oversized insects around your spilled flower pot. I think I may just have to make this one. Image from Kim’s Knitting Corner

Lush Blooms Flowing From A Spilled Flower Pot

Lush Blooms Flowing from a Spilled Flower Pot -Clay Pot Crafts
A simple but effective display featuring red and white flowers growing from an urn. Sitting on a bed of mulch. Image from HomeBNC

Waterfall Lobelia

Waterfall Lobelia Spilled Flower Pot -Spilled flower Pot
Luscious lobelias spilling out from an ornate pot. Image from Interior Holic

White Spilled Lobelias

Spilling Petunias Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
And here, keeping it really simple we have pretty white petunias spilling from a pot on a bed of mulch. Image from Todays Home Owner

Lovely Spilled Flower Pot Rock Garden

Rock Garden Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
Why not combine the effect of spilled flowers and spilled rocks as they have in this lovely rock garden display. Image from Pinterest

South East Florida Garden-Spilled-Flower-Pot

South East Florida Garden Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
And here for the tidy-minded organized person, this very ornate display would be perfect. Easy to maintain and pristine looking. Image from South Florida Garden Evolvement


Poppy Spilled Urn Spilled Flower Pots - Clay Pot Crafts
This is a lovely way to display poppies. An ornate clay jug spilling out poppies onto the luscious lawn. Image from Pinterest

Succulents Spilled Flower Pot

Succulents Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
I love succulents, there are so many to choose from. So many beautiful varieties. So, of course, it seems only right that I feature them in this article. Image from HomeBNC

Succulents and Pebbles

Pebble and Succulent Arrangement Spilled Flower Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
And last, but most definitely not least is this absolutely stunning pebble and succulent arrangement. This I will have to do in my garden. Image from Pinterest 

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