A Candy Jar for any Occasion – Made from Clay Pots

Candy Jar - Clay Pot Crafts

Make A Candy Jar / Gumball Machine from Clay Pots

Whilst having a cuppa with a friend today I noticed a candy jar made from clay pots. What a wonderful idea I thought to myself. Now there is a project to have a play with.

Then I realized that these would be ideal in all sort of situations. From your everyday jars sat on the side to all sorts of special occasions. I decided to find out how they are made.

Basically, all you really need is a clay pot, clay saucer, wooden ball or drawer knob and a glass bowl. Obviously some glue and paint as well.

Basic Tutorials

So, here are three tutorials to get you going with the basics of making a clay pot candy jar.

As you can see from these three images the size of the bowls, pots and saucers are not set in stone. You can vary them depending on both your taste and what you have available.

Moving On

And there you have the basics. So why not experiment a bit and add some real fun to the projects. There are so many occasions you could use these for.

Add Television Characters

You could add characters from your favorite kid’s programs to keep the little ones happy. 

First, we have Minnie Mouse who is sporting a lovely polka dot base pot. Next up is a character from the Minions and lastly Oscar The Grouch from Sesame Street.

Wedding Decorations

As you can see, these would make a lovely gift for the Bride and Groom. 

Alternatively they would make amazing table decorations at your wedding.

There are just so many ways you could go with this one. Tiny decorations to use as favors for the bridesmaids or color code them all to you wedding style.

Christmas Ornaments and Gifts

Christmas is always a great time to add something different. It would be very easy to match up your designs with your Christmas theme. Alternatively make them as gifts and give people a Christmas gift to remember.

The lovely blue and white Snowman in the first image shows that you don’t have to keep the bowl clear. In the middle, we have a lovely poinsettia candy jar where they have painted poinsettias on the bowl and have actually used a lampshade with a frilled edge, which is rather effective. On the right, we have a fluffy Santa.


Someone to store all your treats ready for when you get that knock on the door.

Three Halloween Candy Jars from Pinterest. These simply show just how versatile this project really is. You can simply adapt it to any occasion.


And then there is Easter, why not celebrate Easter with more than a chocolate egg. Add a bit of decoration in your celebration.

In the center image, they have used an actual candy jar which they have sealed with the bunnies inside.

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