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Clay Pot Ladybugs Clay Pot Crafts

16 Amazing Clay Pot Ladybugs

Who would have realised that you could get such a wide variety of clay pot ladybugs?

“Ladybug, Ladybug
Fly away home
Your house is on fire
Your children have gone”

Strange but that is exactly what just popped into my mind. I don’t know where exactly the little rhyme comes from, but when I was a child it was what my mum used to say if a ladybug landed on her. So naturally, all us children used it too.

So just for fun, because I am really just a big kid at heart. I have found you this video on youtube.

Back to the project at hand.

Here are sixteen of the best examples of clay pot ladybugs I have found so far.

I hope you enjoy having a go at making some or all of them. I know I will.


#1  Cute Ladybugs Planter

This lovely little pot has been created with the use of decoupage.

You first need to paint the base section of the pot white and the rim green and allow to dry completely.

Whilst it is drying you will need to cut out the images you are going to use. When the paint is dry you glue your images to the pot and water seal the entire pot.

see How To Decoupage Clay Pots – Terracotta Pots

Decoupaged Clay Pot Ladybug - Clay Pot Crafts
Decoupage your ladybugs pictures onto clay pots. Image from Pinterest

#2  Clay Pot Ladybugs Bird Bath

To create this lovely Ladybug bird Bath and Feeder using three different sized pots, two different sized saucers, colored paints, and sealer.

You can either hand paint on the ladybugs or add them using decoupage.

Clay Pot Ladybugs Bird Bath - Clay Pot Crafts
Colorful birdbath with ladybug images on the side. Image from Pinterest

#3  Windchimes

Lovely hand painted clay pot Ladybugs windchimes.

Consists of four different sized pots and a bauble all joined together with rope. Just paint on your images and join them all together.

Hand Painted Clay Pot Ladybugs Wind Chimes
Hand-painted wind chimes featuring ladybugs design. Image from The Art in life

#4  Fingerprints Ladybug Plant Pot

This is soo cute, it would make an excellent school class project as all the children can add a fingerprint to create a ladybug.

Clay Pot Ladybugs Made With Fingerprints - Clay Pot Crafts
Ladybugs made with fingerprints on a simple clay pot. Image from Pinterest

#5  Ladybug Gumball Machine/Candy Jar

To make your own gumball machine/candy jar click here for a tutorial. Then paint your desired pattern.

Clay Pot Ladybugs Candy Bowl - Clay Pot Crafts
Make your own treats dispenser, with lovely ladybug design. Image from Pinterest

#6  Clay Pot Ladybugs – Pot Ornaments

These are made from tiny little pots. Make lots of these and add them to your planters.

Mini Clay Pot Ladybugs Pot Decor - Clay Pot Crafts
Tiny ladybugs made from tiny pots to decorate your big pots. Image from Pinterest

#7  Ladybug Luminaries

Luminaries or tea lights are a great way to add a little light and ambiance to your room.

You could also make this as a real candle holder.

Clay Pot Ladybugs Luminaries - Clay Pot Crafts
Lovely little tea-light candle holders – ladybug style. Tutorial from Pat Catan’s Craft Centres

#8  Pretty Ladybug Planter

Bright and colorful. Simply basecoat your clay pot in white and when it is dry hand paint you ladybugs or add cutout images.

Painted Clay Pot Ladybugs On White Background
White background with hand-painted ladybugs. Image from Pinterest

#9  Ladybug Girl

Absolutely love this little lad. She is definitely the prettiest clay pot ladybug I’ve seen. Add a pretty little plant and she’ll instantly have hair.

Clay Pot Ladybugs Girl - Clay Pot crafts
Pretty little ladybug girl. Made from clay pots. Image from Pinterest

#10 Leggy Ladybird Garden Ornament

This little gem is definitely the most unusual clay pot ladybug I’ve seen. Great for an ornament.

Clay Pot Ladybugs on Legs - Clay Pot Crafts
Cute Ladybug on Wire legs. Image from Zulily

#11  Solar Light Holder

Light your way with this cute garden lamp. All you need is a simple solar lamp with a spiked bottom and a medium sized planter. Paint on your design and away you go.

Clay Pot Ladybugs Solar Garden Lights - Clay Pot Crafts
Solar garden light with ladybugs prints. Image from Pinterest

#12  Super Cute Ladybug Pot

Now, this little ladybug is a real work of art.

Super Cute Clay Pot Ladybugs - Clay Pot Crafts
Super Cute Clay Pot Ladybugs. Image from Lynda’s Scrappy Place

#13  Ladybug Pot and Stand

Make this one using the tutorial for the Ladybug Garden Decoration below.

Clay Pot Ladybugs Pot and Holder - Clay Pot Crafts
Ladybugs pot with a stand. Image from Pinterest

#14  Ladybug Garden Decoration

This one comes with a lovely detailed tutorial.

Clay-Pot Ladybugs Garden Ornament - Clay Pot Crafts
Ladybug Clay Pot Garden Ornament. Tutorial from Deco Art

#15 Ladybug Pot With Wings

Paint up you two pots, you can always decoupage the face. Then add wings shaped from wire and cover in red nylon stockings and paint on the dots. Glue the wings to your pot. This one is definitely a project to keep indoors.

Clay Pot Ladybugs - Ladybug Pot With Wings - Clay Pot Crafts
Little winged clay pot ladybug. Image from Pinterest

#16  Valentines Clay Pot Ladybug

A nice easy, romantic valentines gift project.

Valentines Clay Pot Ladybugs - Clay Pot Crafts
Make this lovely simple Valentines gift. Image from Tokdi Amorecom Art

So there you have it, sixteen unique clay pot ladybugs. Who would have thought that you could find quite such a variety?


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