Clay Pot Snowman – Step By Step Tutorial

Clay Pot Snowman - Tutorial - Clay Pot Crafts

Well you can’t have Christmas without a Clay Pot Snowman. So, I decided to make one to sit on the side indoors. The great thing about this tutorial though is you can make it as large or as small as you wish and it will still look amazing.

Clay Pot Snowman Tutorial


The first thing you will need to do is gather your materials, for this project you will need.

Items needed for a Clay Pot Snowman - Clay Pot Crafts
Use any size pots you wish, just fit them together as above to match the sizes.


Before you begin you will want to make sure your pot is completely clean and dust free. (prepare your clay pot).


Now that your pots are ready, let’s begin with the painting. Paint the large pot and the rim of your small pot in white. This may take a few coats, allow the paint dry between coats.

Base paint your Clay Pot Snowman - Clay Pot Crafts
Firstly base paint the white on your Clay Pot Snowman.

Next, Paint your Snowman’s hat red. Give several coats until you have the finish you want. When your hat is completely dry, add the gold dots.

I like to paint the dots freehand but if you prefer you can use stencils or stamps.

Paint your snowmans hat in red with gold dots - Clay Pot Crafts
Paint the hat red and add the gold dots in varying sizes.

Let’s add a smile – Carefully paint on the lines for his smile and some nice black dots for the eyes. You could also draw a line around the big pot as a marker for where to add the snowflakes. 

Add a face to your Clay Pot Snowman - Clay Pot Crafts
Let’s give our Snowman a smile and some eyes.

Next up, is snowflakes. To add the snowflakes you can use the stencil, ( I printed the snowflake out on paper. I should probably have used a thin cardstock as it got a bit messy). Also cut out some hands and a nose from thick card.

Clay Pot Snowman - Stencils - Clay Pot Crafts
Stencils for the hands, nose and snowflakes. Print out and adjust to required size.

Mix some of the Brilliant Blue acrylic paint with some white to get the shade of blue you require and stencil on some randomly placed snowflakes. (I decided to add some dot flowers as well, just using the blue and applying with a paintbrush. Then using the sponge I added some icy blue cheeks to the face and some white dots to complete the eyes. Like So…..

Seal Your Snowman

Give your snowman pieces several coats of the varnish, until it is as shiny as you want it. This will protect your artwork.

Once your the sealant is completely dry you can build your Snowman.

Build Your Clay Pot Snowman

  1. Glue on your head 
  2. Add your hands and nose
  3. Tie or glue around your ribbon to make a scarf
  4. And finally glue on your pompom

And there you have it, your finished Clay pot Snowman.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. 

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