Just An Empty Terracotta Pot? Or A Stunning Focal Point?

Just An Empty Terracotta Pot or Not

It’s Not Just An Empty Terracotta Pot!

Add an empty terracotta pot or two to your garden and just see how you can transform it. It always surprises me how stunning an empty pot can be.

Now I love gardens, all types of gardens. Messy, natural wild gardens where you have a lot of wildflowers flowing from one area to another. Formal gardens with their rigid structures, neat, tidy and organized.  You have minimalist gardens, with the occasional ornate object, plant or tree, and cluttered gardens, where it seems that there is no order.

Some gardens consist of just a small patio or balcony, where others include a vast landscape. I love them all because it doesn’t matter how big or small your garden is. There is always a way to make them wonderful spaces full of life and energy.

The following are some amazing ways to add a bit of structure or a focal point, with the use of an empty terracotta pot.

Aged To Look Old, This Stunning Pot!

Aged Empty Terracotta Pot - Clay Pot Crafts
You can see in this first image a perfect example of how an empty terracotta pot can be aged in no time at all. Creating a simply stunning focal point for your border. Over at Weekend Gardener, they have informative details on how to age your pots and also how to turn your pot into a moss pot.

Boldly Standing Against A Steep Backdrop

Stunning Structural Empty Terracotta Pot Focal Point Empty Terracotta Pot
This huge empty terracotta pot stands boldly against the backdrop of the steeply sloped flower bed behind. Consequently slowly aging as time passes it by. Creating a stunning structural focal point. Image from Pinterest

Nestled In Amongst The Rockery

Empty Terracotta Pot in the Rockery - Clay Pot Crafts
Nestled in this lovely Rockery border, surrounded by Succulents, palms and Aloe Vera Red Hot Pokers. Sits an ornate bulbous and very large empty terracotta pot. Slightly pitted with imperfection. And yet there it is the epitome of beauty. Image  from Pinterest

Waterless Fountain

Waterless Fountain - Empty Terracotta Pot
This decorative corner piece comprised of an old Terracotta Water Pitcher, A Strawberry Pot and a couple of Terracotta Bowls. Image from InfoJardin

Lavender Curved Pot in a Somewhat Wild Border

Lightly Structured Empty Terracotta Pot Border
This border gives the impression of a somewhat wild border, all set within the constraints of the rigid organized edging border. With a little ornate curved empty terracotta pot simply adding to the delightful arrangement. Image from Apartment Therapy

A Rockery In the Middle Of The Lawn

Rockery Island Center Piece - Empty Clay Pot Ideas
Why not build a beautiful rockery bed in the middle of the lawn. This eye-catching idea makes a wonderful focal point. The addition of the empty terracotta pot, adds just that final touch. Image from ArchZine

Succulent Border With Mexican Pots

Succulent Border Using Boulbus Empty Terracotta Pot
And here you can see the real beauty of the succulents in this lovely border, accented with bulbous Mexican Pots. Image from Traditional Home

Make People Wonder At You’re Sidewalk Display

Sidewalk Wonder Empty Terracotta Pot Rockery
So what about your front garden, this wondrous design would make a perfect entrance to any home. Image from Pinterest

Only A Small Corner Area – No Problem

Large Pot Small Corner Arrangement - Empty Terracotta Pot
So you have a small area just outside the back door. What do you put there? Well what else, other than a huge empty terracotta pot, complimented with rocks and shingle and a few succulents to add some color. Image from Pinterest

How About This Immaculate Little Paradise Corner

Little Paradise Empty Terracota Pot
Or what about this little paradise. Very minimalist, neat, organize and absolutely stunning. Just pebbles with white gravel neatly arranged with four unique plants and a simple empty terracotta pot. Image from Pinterest

Neat, Organised and Structured

Empty Terracotta Pot Lined Up In A Row
More structure and very low maintenance. With pots, all lined up in a row. I love the neat conformity of this garden. Image from Pinterest

Beautiful Desert Garden

Empty Terracotta Pot In A Gravel Desert
Another stunning idea for a very low maintenance area is to make a gravel desert, with a few succulents and abandoned clay pots. Image from Desert Crest Press

Or A Desert Island

Desert Island Landscaping - Empty Terracotta Pot
Another low maintenance garden is this desert island. It is like having an oasis in your front garden. Image from Pinterest

White Stones and Empty Terracotta Pots

White Stones and Empty Terracotta Pot
Another lovely garden border, this one has it all. Neat, tidy and low maintenance. It incorporates Lights and water features, Rocks, gravel, greenery and even an empty Terracotta Pot or two. All work together to define this lovely contrasting scene. Image from Pinterest

Empty Terracotta Pots Abandoned On The Lawn

Empty Terracotta Pot Abandoned On The Lawn
While here you can see an extremely minimalist scene in this one where they appear to have abandoned pots in the middle of a lawn, with just one vibrant plant to keep them company. Just proves that these terracotta pots are a feature all of their own. Image from Decorando Casas

Faux Clay Pots Need No Explaining

Empty Terracotta Pots Are In A League Of Their Own
Last but definitely not least, these faux terracotta pots need nothing to enhance them. Place as an eye-catching feature at the base of the steps. They are simply stunning. Image from Ballard Designs

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