19 Geometric Painted Planters – Terracotta Plant Pots

Geometric Painted Planters - Clay Pot Crafts

Create Your Own Geometric Painted Planters

Geometric painted planters make stunning ornate displays perfect for decorating pots of all sizes for both indoors and in the garden.

They are an ideal project, both for beginners and more experienced crafters. Whether you keep your designs simple or go for more of an Aztec design with a lot more detail, you are sure to achieve a stunning effect.

You will need

  • 1 or more clay pots
  • Paints – you can use acrylic or spray paints
  • masking tape – some form of low tac tape
  • Water based acrylic sealer


  1. Prepare your pot – you will want to make sure your pot is perfectly clean and dry.
  2. Apply the base color of your pot – the main color.
  3. Allow the pot to dry thoroughly.
  4. Use the tape to mask out the background, leaving only the areas you want to color.
  5. Paint on the color and leave to dry thoroughly.
  6. Seal the pot inside and out using the acrylic sealer. 
  7. Add your plant

19 Geometric Painted Planters


The dark grey, gold and white on these geometric painted planters create a simply stunning display.

Multi Colors

If you are into multi colored pots then these are for you.

Cool Grey

Add grey to a pot mostly left natural.

Shades of Pink

Try making several planters in different shades of pink, neatly trimmed with gold.

Stunning Blue

Opt for a stunning deep blue, contrasting with bright white.

Subtle Green

Or stay subtle with soft green and pale pink.

Cacti Planters

Not colors I would normally go for but to be honest they are definitely growing on me.

Shades of Blue

Shades of blue combined with white dots on some of the triangles gives a more textured look.


Here you can see the use of fading of colors softening the the solid diamond shapes.


Aztec painting is an excellent way to add a more detailed image to your geometric painted pot.

Striking Blue

Definitely bold, this pot would make an excellent focal piece.

Soft Pink

However, this one is much more subtle. Great for a babies room.


I’m not sure why, but when I look at these pot I think of Pyramids. 


You could try Mexican
looking zigzags.
They just seem to fit this plant perfectly. 


Or add perfectly placed uniform triangles on a plain terracotta pot.

Checker Board

This set of pots sporting a checker board effect can be purchased from Etsy.

In the Pink

Bright pink, baby blue and white are the theme for these three.
Detailed with either a gold leaf or copper spray paint.

Bright White

Try keeping the natural earthy color of the pot and decorating with pink and white for a softer color style.


Dusky blue with a glitzy silver creates a striking effect.

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