Make Your Own Clay Pot Horse or Donkey

Clay Pot Horse - Clay Pot Crafts

Different Ways To Make A Clay Pot Horse or Donkey

Decorate you garden, or even you home with a clay pot horse. 

The great thing about this project is there are many variations and all of them are a delight to see. So if you decide to make one you can choose from various designs and sizes to suit your own style. 

Clay Pot Horse Planter – Join Using Steel Rods

This first example comes from Tiffany at Tee Diddly Dee. Here she has used metal rods and bolts to join the pots. This enables you to position the legs at various angles if you so choose. 

Take a look at Tiffany’s tutorial if you want a great detailed no fluff instructions on how to make it. She even shows you exactly how to drill the pots and create the maine and tail.

Ideas for Adding Your Own Style:

Go for all black with a lovely grey maine and tail. With the addition of the brightly colored flowers, this looks absolutely lovely. Alternatively go all tan with a black maine and you have an equally striking effect.

The contrasting patches of color on these two are also very appealing. As you can see vary the length of the main also makes a big difference.

These last two are definitely  my favorites. I am a big fan of shire horses, I have always loved them and it easy to make the long hair around the feet. But the Appaloosa I may just make for my mum.

So as you can see, although all of these clay pot horses have been made using basically the same method, they are all different. Changing the colors and patterns of your paint job make all the difference. Also, you can vary what you Materials you use to make the Horses Maine and Tail. 

Clay Pot Donkey Ornament

So maybe you like the idea of a clay pot horse, but don’t want a planter. In this donkey tutorial, you can see exactly how to make one. Although this is a Donkey, not a horse. It could easily be a horse if you change the ears and add a maine. And of course, you don’t have to be so colorful, unless you want to of course.

You can find the tutorial for this little treasure at Plaid Online.

Seated Horse

To make one of these all you need is two large pots, seven small pots and clay saucer for the back of the head. Plus of course, glue, paints and whatever ornamental bits you want.

Before You Begin:

Before you begin any project like this make sure you clean and prepare your pots.

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