Stencils On Terracotta Pots Create Amazing Effects

Stencils on Terracotta Pots

Create Amazing Art Using Stencils On Terracotta Pots 

By using stencils on terracotta pots you can create some amazing visual effects.

You can see in my article on flower pot minions, that stencils can be very handy.

Stencils are great! They allow you to produce artwork that looks really professional, even if you are a novice. Once you learn the basics you can get really creative by using layers and textures, to produce some really fancy artwork.

Some Simple Stencil Art

Go and take a look at these examples to see how basic images can be used for stencils on terracotta pots to really make an impact. You can follow the links to see two lovely simple tutorials which can get you started on using stencils.

More Detailed Stencils

However, you don’t have to stay basic. Try using stencils with more detail like the ones below. You can get really detailed using stencils.

These stencils from The Stencil Library are absolutely amazing. 

But you don’t have to go detailed to create some amazing works of art. You could keep it simple and add shading and colors like these. 

Add Some Color and Shading

As you can see the stencils themselves are fairly basic. However, the addition of different colors and shading totally transform your basic images. Over at Craftsy, you can get Seven Tips For Painting Perfectly With Stencils. And you can find lots of videos on YouTube which go into great detail. You can even get multi-layer stencils if you want to get really detailed.

So To Re Cap

Stenciling is Relatively Easy

Even if you are a complete novice you can achieve some pretty impressive pots. You don’t have to be a fantastic painter.

Stencils Are Very Effective For Repeat Patterns

Stencils are a great way to create repeat patterns, for instance, if you want to add lots of stars or uniform flower images around a pot.

In my article on dotty pots, a stencil would be perfect to create the uniform dots on some of the pots. Also, they would be great for creating the artwork on bird baths or adding door numbers to stacking pots.

What Can You Use As Stencils

  • Lace 
  • Paper
  • Plastic
  • Tape
  • Cut From Card etc

So why not go ahead and try out some stenciling for yourself.

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