Terracotta Cupcake Stand Tutorials


Make Your Own Terracotta Cupcake Stand

A Terracotta Cupcake Stand. Although this is a nice, easy project to produce it doesn’t have to look boring.

For a basic stand, all you really need is a clay saucer and a clay pot, which you will glue together. Add a doily and you are ready to go.

On the other hand there is so much farther you could go with this. 

You could add layers and height or just add colors and style.

Here are 9 terracotta cupcake stands with tutorials for you to try.

Terracotta Cupcake Stand Tutorials

Here you can find nine lovely tutorials of varying styles for you to have a go at. So jump in and have fun.

Remember if you want a long lasting smooth finish you need to properly prepare your pots first.

#1 – Stunning In Red

Here you can see how truly simple these projects can be. Simply paint and seal one terracotta pot and one saucer in your color of choice, glue them together and invert. Job done.

#2 – Create a Metallic Finish

Here you can see a metallic finish. This was created by base painting in a soft grey and allowing to dry. Followed by adding white, dark grey and black acrylic paint in small sections at a time and dabbing with a piece of cheesecloth. Full detailed tutorial over at Pin Me This.

#3 – Stand Out With A Crackle Finish

Over at MiGi Handmade, they have chosen to use the saucer up the other way. Here they have added a crackle effect to the finish and adorn with silk roses and a silver star.

#4 – Add Another Tier

Why not move onto the next stage and add another tier. Just make sure your saucers are big enough to fit your cupcakes around once finished. Here you can see an excellent use for stencils.

#5 – 3 Tier Terracotta Cupcake Stand

If you are having a party you may want even more space. So why not have a 3 tier cake stand. Which is just what they have done over at A Girls Glue Gun.

#6 – Antique Finish

Over at Show Me Cute she has decided to antique finish her terracotta cupcake stand and use it as a jewelry stand.

#7 –  Strawberry Delight

This I see as definitely a Summer party stand. Bright, colorful and fresh looking. The images for this one could be hand painted, decoupaged or even stenciled if you wish.

#8 – Individual Cupcake Stands

These little single cupcake stands would make an excellent gift. Ideal when you want to give a token treat or a child’s project for a teacher’s gift.

#9 – Add A Simple Scalloped Frill

You can even add a lovely scalloped frill using an old newspaper or book for that added effect. Decoupage is great for this.

More Ideas:

Here are a few more ideas from Pinterest to inspire you.

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